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About Quenchdesigns Jewellery

The artistry and beauty in a well-crafted piece of jewelry has a healing power, reflecting magnificence back into the world. I have collected jewelry for as long as I can remember, commemorating every major life event or journey with a piece of jewelry. Even after I started to make jewelry in 2001, I remained a collector. I also collect stones, shells, leaves, branches – prized treasures from the forests and ocean around me. Over the past two years, these treasures have been guiding me, inspiring me to recreate their patters in the cast copper and silver jewelry I’ve been making. I no longer feel as though I ‘make’ jewelry, it’s more that inspiration from my environment flows through me into each piece. These seemingly ancient pieces of fossilized rainforest – fern fronds, salal leaves, sea urchins – are as ingrained in me as they are molded into the metal. 

My process is constantly and subtly evolving as I add layers of knowledge, ideas and practice onto a foundation I’ve built from the teachings of many guides. Jewelry making is steeped in tradition. There are established methods and practices. Because of this, when I’ve been seeking a solution or pursuing a design idea I have often heard the response ‘that can’t be done’ or ‘that isn’t how it’s done.’ While I’m not irreverent to the learned history of my art, I do push back against the boundaries of convention. For example, nobody else I’ve come across is casting in copper right now, not because it’s impossible or yields a poor result, but because ‘it isn’t done.’ I break the rules. The result is a shimmering archeology of west coast nature reminiscent of the forests and beaches where it is created – part rugged and storied, part refined and elegant. Beautiful jewelry – for happy people.